Q: Why is there an additional dumping fee on my bill? 

 A: You are using another companies' service, we do not charge a dumping fee. The process of dumping a full tank of recovery water takes about 3 minutes, and is as simple as connecting a hose, and allowing gravity to cause the water to flow out. In accordance with Edmonton city bylaws this can be done, as long as the water goes through the water treatment plant before re-entering the environment. As an example this could be done by guiding water down a toilet.(NEVER: BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD, OR DOWN A MAN HOLE, IN A DITCH, ETC.(For specific wording please contact City of Edmonton by your preferred method).

 Depending on the size of jobs a few, to several can be done before dumping becomes necessary. If a fee is charged on each job, several fees can be collected for each "dump".

Q: What is the worst thing to do when trying to remove a spill from a carpet on my own?

A: That is almost impossible to completely answer. I would say the 2 most common mistakes are using the wrong type of cleaner, which can set the spot in permanently, or scrubbing on a spot too aggressively, can also set a spot or, worse make it larger. 

Q: What is the difference between a spot and a stain?

A: A spot can still be removed by traditional cleaning methods, a stain is still visible after an attempted removal, often now, non-removable by traditional cleaning methods. The correct choice of method, and product to clean with is therefore very important. (An example of "non traditional"  would be cutting out the affected area and replacing with a patch.)

Q: I hired a Professional Carpet Cleaner once and all the spots were not removed, Why?

A: Even some of the "easy" situations can be negatively impacted by several things, (I.E. a previous attempt at removal, length of time since spill, type of carpet, area of carpet, a traffic area vs something in a corner of a room, sunlight exposure, not knowing for certain what a spill is, .etc.) Therefore to say that every time, every thing, is always going to go as plan, is a chancy claim to make, using only traditional cleaning methods. We think of it as, any imperfection in a fabric can be removed, however it may take cutting, pasting, kicking/screaming, stretching, bleaching, recolouring, replacing, etc. NOTE it is of our opinion that none of these methods should necessarily be included in any cleaning quote(unless specified), due to many of these methods would be generally accepted as outside of general cleaning procedures.

Q: Can spots be bleached out of carpet?

A: It is scientifically possible yes, however it is the policy of this company not to use "bleaching" solutions, nor are they even allowed in our vehicles, due to the potential unintentional discolouring of materials on site, even if only a small undetected amount were to be accidentally/unnoticably be dragged in on a hose, etc.   There are some alternate solutions that may work in some situations but this company does not endorse/reccommend any specific one for public use, non professional use.

Q: Where do we put the furniture while the cleaners are here, we do not have much room?

A: Although some other companies do insist that all rooms/offices be emptied by the customer we have rarely seen a situation where there is an extra, empty building to move the furniture to, so we have devised a system that enables this duty to fall upon the technicians. We do ask that smaller items be moved, or papers in an office setting, etc. this can be discussed when an appointment is booked. Of course there are some things that it would be less likely that we would move I.E. filing cabinets, that if moved would require equipment for relocation this type of thing may result in extra charges, or we could work around them.

Q: Is gum removable from carpet and is it included in the standard cleaning price?

A: Gum is removable, almost every time. In a residential setting it would be extremely rare that there would be enough gum to warrant an additional charge, surprisingly enough, it's farely rare that we see this. In a commercial setting the amount of gum can be, common to almost, unbelievable(ie go into theatre with the lights on often it is difficult to find a square foot that has no gum, after all popcorn and gum do not mix very well.) for this reason there are times where an additional charge may apply, or an alternative is, that when we are to clean on a scheduled basis we often try to do a reasonable amount of gum and usually get caught up after a few visits.

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